Frontier Client Usage

Building C/C++ Client Libraries and Test Executables

Client configuration

Frontier client configuration can can come from a complex server connection string made up of multiple keyword=value pairs enclosed in parentheses. For example:
If there are any parentheses in a server connection string, anything outside of parentheses is ignored (for example, it is often convenient to precede the string with http:// to pretend the whole string is a server url). If any of the configuration items are missing from the server connection string, they can also be read from environment variables. These are the connection string keywords and corresponding environment variables when applicable:

The following may only come from environment variables:

Note that isn't part of frontier client but may be useful information to some readers: in CMS, a long connection string is constructed from the frontier-connect portion of site-local-config.xml in $CMS_PATH/SITECONF/local/JobConfig. Blanks and quotes are removed from that and they're converted into the parenthesized form above, plus a (logicalserverurl=http://cms_conditions_data) is added so that form can be used a shortcut.

C++ Test Client Usage

Writing C++ Clients

Python Client Usage

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Last modified: 8 Feb 2017