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Frontier_servlet__3.40__src.tar.gz Size: 2691240 MD5 Sources: Frontier server sources
Frontier_3.40.war Size: 1490212 MD5 Binary: Frontier server web application archive
frontier_client__2.8.20__src.tar.gz Size: 93886 MD5 Sources: CMS Frontier Client
frontier_client__2.8.20__gcc_4.4.7.tar.gz Size: 341010 MD5 Binary: CMS Frontier Client 64-bit Linux SL6 Size: 8493 MD5 Source: simple frontier client

For squid see the instructions for installing the frontier-squid rpm
For a Frontier server see instructions for installing Frontier 'launchpad' rpms

Frontier client & servlet github source code

frontier on github

Other frontier-related package source anonymous SVN

SVN web browser

After using the browser to find the subpackage you want, check out the latest anonymously with

svn co<subpackage>/trunk <subpackage>
or check out a particular version with
svn co<subpackage>/tags/<version>

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